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The DRIPBaR Fort Collins

Fort Collins, CO—Franchise operation, THE DRIPBaR, has opened a location in The Villagio, Fort Collins, Colorado and is now serving clients. The company specializes in health and wellness services and programs, mainly IV infusions. THE DRIPBaRā€™s IV infusions include IV Health Support Drips (High C, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Mistletoe, Chelation), the IV Lifestyle drips (Powerpack,Continue reading “The DRIPBaR Fort Collins”

YouTube Channel Rebranding

I’ve been working on rebranding the YouTube Channel that my good friend, Ron Worley, and I started about a year ago. We had a lot of fun for a year and got to know each other even better. our individual projects kept making it harder to find the time to make videos together. especially withContinue reading “YouTube Channel Rebranding”

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