Who is this guy?

In case you haven’t figured it out by now, my name is Joshua Fulenwider. I’m an author, entrepreneur, and real estate investor. On top of that I’m a cool guy (just ask my Mom).

If you haven’t read my book yet (and you should because it’s awesome), I don’t have some tragic backstory. I had a normal upbringing and my parents were always supportive. I did struggle with depression and low self esteem after bombing out of the Navy for medical reasons.

Like most people I then went college, accumulated student loans and graduated into the worst job market in recent history (2008). I struggled with depression some more and hated feeling like I was at the mercy of employers. I got into real estate investing with the support of my wife and we began accumulating rentals.

I focused learning everything I could and the more I learned for my business (rentals) the better I did in my career. For over a decade we built up our rental portfolio while I advanced through my career until I realized that I was just making other people rich.

I’m happily unemployed now and in the process of launching two businesses. I count myself lucky that I have an amazing and supportive wife. Although her spousal decision making must be impaired since she settled for me. Since launching a couple of businesses wasn’t time consuming enough I decided to write my first book “What We Should Teach Our Children About Money”.

With the book I am hoping to spare my daughter and other people the financial struggles I endured. With my businesses I am hoping to help people have more healthy lives and bring some fun into their lives. This is part of my purpose.

Have you figured out your purpose yet?

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