1st Book Review & New Marketing Efforts

I’m excited to that I received my first book review on Amazon. This is a huge first step for me.

I launched a month ago and have been handling all the marketing myself. One of my good friends has started coaching me based on his experiences publishing a book. While my sales have been slow, I attribute that to my limited marketing only through my own limited social media efforts. He has had some good suggestions that I am starting to implement.

The first suggestion was to make sure my book is on Goodreads. While Goodreads is integrated heavily into Amazon, the two don’t talk to each other that much. By setting up a book page and eventually an author page I can increase my exposure as well as hopefully ranking higher naturally with the algorithms in most search engines.

His second suggestion was to explore Book Sirens. Book Sirens allows authors to distribute free digital copies of their books to readers that are likely to leave reviews. Book Sirens has a free version where you find your own reviewers and then it coaches those people through the review process. It also has a paid version where it puts your book in front of the appropriate reviewers it already has in it’s system. I found the paid version to be very inexpensive so I went ahead and started that process. However, they don’t accept everybody and they take a few days to determine if they have enough demand to accept a book for the paid program. I appreciate that they aren’t out to just make money and want to make sure they can still add value.

I invested heavily in the editing, so I would have a good product. However, I am trying to bootstrap the marketing. Hopefully I will find some more discoveries that will help my book. Or at some point I may invest more into marketing.

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