The DRIPBaR Atlanta Visit

I had the pleasure of spending 40 hours in Atlanta, Georgia at the end of last week to check out the launch of the first franchise for The DRIPBaR. I met the owner, who was one of the nicest people I’ve ever met, and checked out the space as they were finishing construction.

Storefront of The DRIPBaR in Atlanta, GA

The trip was fast. I flew in late Thursday evening and left first thing Saturday morning. Friday I had the opportunity to watch the finishing touches being put in to the store and helped haul in furniture. The details that went into this space are incredible, as they should be. The DRIPBaR is one of the only IV Therapy Centers that is compliant with USP 797 that governs the finishes, cleanliness, and procedures of IV Therapy Centers and similar businesses. While USP 797 isn’t a law yet, it is anticipated that it will be soon. Currently they are guidelines, however some states have taken a pro-active stance and implemented it as law already.

The DRIPBaR’s unique drip graphic.

I am excited to be a part of this growing brand. As a co-owner of a franchise that is opening in Fort Collins, Colorado early in 2021, I can’t wait for the construction to move forward on my store. We just began our own build-out this week. If all things go according to plan we will be the third franchisee to open up. While we weren’t one of the first to sign up with the brand, we moved quickly to secure a space and get started. However, not as quickly as Atlanta. With their permits taking about 4 months to come in, Atlanta only had 12 days to complete their construction before their VIP Opening Event. For reference, the Fort Collins buildout is scheduled to take almost 10 weeks.

Tagline on the wall inside The DRIPBaR

The DRIPBaR specializes in delivering vitamins and micronutrients directly to the bloodstream via an IV, or in some cases an IM shot into a muscle. By bypassing the gut, we can achieve greater absorption of those vitamins and nutrients. Typically only 20% of nutrients that you ingest can be absorbed through the gut, however we can achieve 95% absorption via IV. This allows for a drastic change in the body that is hard to achieve through oral supplements alone.

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