The Life Update

The DRIPBaR has consumed way more of my time than I would have guessed. It’s way more stressful than I imagined. But it’s also more rewarding than I could have believed.

Since it has been taking up so much of my time I haven’t been able to write like I did before. This includes editing. Prior to opening DRIPBaR my wife had gone through and done another round of suggested edits on my book (including some grammatical and spelling edits that the professional editor I paid should have caught). I got through 75% of them and then it all has been put on hold since we opened five months ago. I finally got to another 10% of them last night. So it is nearing completion.

I continue to work at Connections for Independent Living where I started in February as the Director of Independent Living Services. A couple months ago I took on the role of COO. It’s a very rewarding job and even though I have a team I am responsible for it is way less stressful than banking.

What’s next?

Nothing. For the rest of the year I am focused solely on The DRIPBaR and its continued success.

… But I can’t let go of real estate. I can’t wait to do my next real estate deal. Whether that is building a spec home, doing a flip, or buying a rental. We’ll see what comes up.

If you haven’t checked it out already, here is a link to The DRIPBaR:

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